Space Type

A small, fun typing game made in processing
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This is a fun little typing game made in Processing (Java). I made it for the programming unit of grade 12 computer engineering. It took a couple of weeks (if I remember correctly).
Processing makes graphics really easy, and since I mostly programmed in Java in high school, it made it an ideal language to use. It draws the graphics by loading images onto the screen and moving them around. Rendered at 60fps, with a window size of 1500x1500px. I made this project on my XPS 13, which has a HiDPI display. At some point I may do some work on it to make it adaptive, but for now that's the only size it works at.
The words are selected randomly from the 1000 most used words of the English language (a list I found online). It then selects what word you are typing based off the order of the letters you type, so if you press and s it will highlight all words that start with s. Then when you press and h next, it will only highlight words that start with sh, and so on. If you mess up there is no backspace, but invalid characters are not accepted (if there is no word with a matching next letter).